Artist Statement


Steve NowatzkiThe work presented here represents my attempt at stripping away the veneer of commercialized packaging that disguises the stresses put upon the planetary environment. The easiest way to accomplish this task would be to bluntly illustrate the damages done. Unfortunately, this easier route is not necessarily the most artistically gratifying. In my images, I’ve attempted to cerebrally challenge the viewer and also educate them with different view points on how they make their lifestyle choices. I use a blend of new studio practices with the original printmaking techniques to minimize the resources used in my art. I use stone lithographs, zinc etchings, monoprints and drawings — many times in concert with one another to achieve the end result of my concepts. My prints are all hand printed, by me, on archival paper. I believe in working with the least amount of environmental impact possible. My zinc plates are ground down and reused after completing the edition run; the lithographs are drawn and printed on reusable stones. I even recycle old cotton clothes into my hand made paper. e-mail